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Pennsylvania Marijuana Dispensary Opens in Reading

The First Berks County’s Medical Marijuana Dispensary Finally Opens

A man named Ted Chase from Reading made history in Berks County on Thursday. The 65-year-old went to Muhlenberg Township’s Harvest PA Dispensary even before the members of staff put up a sign. 40minutes later, Ted came out of the dispensary with a vape cartridge and dry leaf marijuana weighing 3.5 grams for roughly $140. He was the first customer at this dispensary on its very first day operating in Berks County. Ted was definitely delighted to be Harvest’s first customer. Chase is a cancer patient with a degenerative disease of the joints that makes his entire body ache. He also suffers from spinal stenosis. Ted adds that the dispensary will benefit many people within and outside Berks County. He is just happy because now he won’t be making trips to Lancaster and Allentown for his medical drugs anymore.

Medical marijuana dispensary opens in Berks County

On Thursday morning, Harvest’s Pennsylvania Dispensary opened started its operations at 3225 North Fifth Street Highway. This site was formerly a FedEx Kinkos store. There are many people in Berks County struggling with chronic pain, cancer, and many other devastating conditions, and for years, they have been waiting to have a dispensary of their own where they could easily buy medical marijuana. Some residents in this area such as Dana Ulrich from Spring Township and Luke Shultz of Bernville were at the forefront of pushing to have the medical marijuana program in Pennsylvania’s signed into law. This happened in April 2016. When Harvest Dispensary opened on Thursday, they were both very happy.

56-year-old Shultz says that the new dispensary meant he would no longer have to make long trips to other dispensaries for medical marijuana. He says that patients within Berks County would travel for about an hour to buy their marijuana, which was at times an inconvenience for them. He admits that there was a need to have a dispensary in Berks County.

A Great Moment

Harvest Enterprises, based in Arizona, is a vertically integrated and continuously profitable cannabis firm with one of the world’s leading footprints. Muhlenberg Township’s dispensary is the newest addition. Harvest has medical marijuana farming, processing and dispensary locations in 10 states within America. The dispensary in Muhlenberg has frosted glass windows for protecting the privacy of patients. Inside the store, patients get pills, oils, topical creams, tinctures, flowers and many other products made from medical marijuana. There is no shortage of what patients can get from this dispensary.

The officials of Harvest said that they were happy to enter Bark’s market. They are sure to help solve the medical issues of patients within Pennsylvania with medical marijuana. The public affairs director at Harvest, Ben Kimbro, said that Pennsylvania is strategically located, and this is one of the reasons why it’s a cannabis leader. Initially, Harvest had been allowed to open at 2701 North Fifth Street Highway, a site that was formerly Jack O’Reilly Tuxedos’. However, when the construction proved too costly, they got permission to relocate to FedEx Kinkos store. A lot of work went into transforming this place into the dispensary it is now.

The Health Department finally gave the dispensary approval to start running its business at the new site in July. Kimbro said that each dispensary employs 20-30 people. He acknowledges that the process o opening a dispensary is always a complicated one, but he showered a lot of praise to state and local officials who made the procedure as easy as they could. The company’s officials are just as excited about the new dispensary as the residents of Berks County.

Normal Just Like Aspirin

For roughly 8 months, medical marijuana has been available at dispensaries in some states. The stores that opened earlier this year are located in Lancaster, Phoenixville, and Allentown. At the moment, Harvest opens for a few hours, but it is expected that the hours of operation will soon increase. The medical staff at this dispensary include a registered nurse, a physician’s assistant, and a pharmacist. Kimbro says that at the moment, patients make cash payment for their products, but they are developing apps that will allow the use of debit cards to make payments.

Ben says that the field of medical marijuana has a lot of potential to grow even further. In the medical industry, banking, acceptance, and health insurance coverage will be transforming. There is a lot of research going on in the field of medical marijuana. Kimbro says that at some point, the consumption of medical marijuana will be as normal as taking an aspirin.

A Believer

Chase started using medical marijuana products this year. Before the products were legalized, he used morphine, fentanyl patch, and Vicodin to get him through the day. However, he has been suffering the side effects of these drugs all this time. Soon after taking medical marijuana, Chase got back his appetite, and he sleeps much better now than he did before. The drug is also helping him with the pain he sometimes experiences.

Chase admits that he was never in support of using recreational medical marijuana. He did not believe in it as a medical drug. However, since he has seen what the drug can do and its benefits, he has become a strong supporter of its use for medical purposes. He hopes that people will soon be looking at the benefits of this product before judging those who use it. He continues to say that Harvest dispensary has brought a lot of joy to the residents of Berks County. Earlier when he made trips to the dispensaries at Lancaster or Allentown, he would come across 10 senior patients from Berks County. These patients now have marijuana close to their homes. For him, the dispensary is only 5 minutes away. Now, most Berks residents in need of medical marijuana can rest knowing that they could get the drugs by just walking to the store.


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