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Nevada Launches a New Way to Apply for Medical Marijuana Card

Nevada Launches a New Way to Apply for Medical Marijuana Card

Marijuana is slowly gaining popularity as an alternative treatment method for those who have cancer and other chronic illnesses. To enhance the use of marijuana as a medicine, the Nevada Medical Marijuana Division recently came up with a new process for patients who want to know how to apply for medical marijuana cards. According to the new directives, people will no longer have to travel to the state’s headquarters to get a card. Patients and other applicants will now use an online platform to apply.

How to Apply

If you want to apply for the card, you have to go to the division’s online platform. On the website, there is a button labeled “Medical Marijuana Dispensary.” Once you click on this button, go to “Online Cardholder Registry.” The link will request you to open an account and forward a driver’s license by scanning it to your computer and attaching it on the space provided. Note that the new system requires a letter from your primary care physician just like the old one. The physician must sign the letter and recommend the card for you. You will also have to sign the document acknowledging the same in a Notary Public.

After you complete the application process and sign the relevant documents, you can send them via the division’s website. You will get a temporary document acknowledging your request. You can use this document at healthcare facilities until you get the patient card. The patient card will come via mail.

There is also a provision that allows patients who did not pick up their card but have approval letters dated earliest June 2016-2017 to get their cards through mail. Those who applied earlier than June and are yet to receive their cards will have to wait for further communication from the division.

The new guidelines do not lock out those who want to print and send their applications manually. You can go to the website and click “Medical Marijuana” then “Medical Marijuana Patient Registry.” On the link, there is a button labeled “Forms.” Click the button and then “Application Request Form.” Ensure you follow the instructions provided to avoid future problems.

It is also possible to change your personal details such as addresses without traveling to the division’s headquarters. Just open the site and click on the link “Medical Marijuana.” Go to “Nevada Dispensaries Card Registry” and then click the “Forms” button. You will see another form labeled “Change of Address Form.” Like the form used for a new application, follow every instruction to avoid confusing your address details.

If you want to join the Nevada Legal Weed Program, you will have to part ways with $75, which also applies to those who want to renew their subscription. If you want to apply, you will pay $25. However, you will not pay anything to change your address. In case you want to read more about the program or ask a question, there is a section on the site for FAQs.

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