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Cannabis Coffee Wellness

Are you a big fan of coffee?

Do you love getting a coffee buzz first thing in the morning with your weed?

For a little more significant buzz to get you started in the morning try Brewbudz coffee, tea, and cocoa pods. Cannabiniers, a new company, recently launched their new coffee mix named Brewbudz and their favorite local nearby cannabis dispensary. This brew is has been called the first coffee infused with cannabis. It also comes in tea and cocoa pods. These tasty pods work just right with all Keurig and Keurig 2.0 coffee and tea brewers. Plus, you can get this delightful caffeine and cannabis buzz first thing every morning by merely pushing a button.

Brewbudz uses only the plant’s flower to create their enhanced coffees, teas and cocoas. Many cannabis users prefer the buds of the marijuana plant, so using the buds to create the infusion for the Brewbudz drinks remains the right choice, too. No oils remain to clog your tea or coffee brewer. Plus, the pods are 100 percent compostable. So there’s no worry about polluting the environment when drinking these extra zippy drinks. Each pod costs about $7.

Brewbudz comes in varying strengths of THC. The pods range from 10 mg to 50 mg of THC in either cannabis sativa, which perks you up, to cannabis indica, which calms you down. The coffee used in Brewbuz comes from Africa and is responsibly sourced. Plus, you can buy either caffeinated or non-caffeinated coffee infused with cannabis. The teas come in either black, green or herbal teas. And, finally, the coco uses dark chocolate infused with marijuana.

Cannabis continues to become a wellness stress repair product as marijuana has become legalized in more and more states. Chefs continue to tinker with a variety of ways to get high using cannabis products that go far beyond merely making brownies and classier than pot gummy bears. Cannabis use continues to grow as a part of a lifestyle for many people who choose to use marijuana for a variety of reasons.

Baked goods called edibles with cannabis are enjoyed in states that have legalized marijuana. Why not enjoy one of these products with a cup of cannabis-laced coffee, tea or cocoa. Try some Brewbudz to get you going in the morning. They are available in Las Vegas Nevada, and will shortly be available in both Colorado and Californian as well. So for the best start to your morning, buy and try some Brewbudz today.