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$1 Million Medical-Marijuana Scottsdale Dispensary Opens

Deluxe Medical-Marijuana Dispensary Opening in Scottsdale

Arizona is one of several states that will vote on legalizing recreational marijuana use on November 8th, and a premium cannabis dispensary will open just weeks before the initiative receives even one vote. The facility is being branded as a medical marijuana facility, but if the state passes recreational cannabis, the dispensary will see exceptionally higher revenues.

The dispensary will be named The Harvest of Scottsdale dispensary, and it will be housed in a former bank building near the intersection of Hayden Road and Raintree Drive. The dispensary will have 11 cashier stands and will operate throughout the entirety of the 6,800 square feet of the building. The size of the dispensary will make it the largest retailer for medical cannabis in the state when it opens.

According to the CEO of Harvest Inc, the parent company that owns The Harvest of Scottsdale, the goal of the project was to create a place where patients would feel comfortable seeking help with their medical cannabis needs. They have spared no expense to make that vision a reality.

Only 31 licenses to operate a medical marijuana facility will be given during the month of October by the Arizona Department of Health Services. That department, which is responsible for the medical marijuana system in the state, has already received nearly 1,000 applications for those 31 licenses.

Experts in the field of medical cannabis are optimistic at the arrival of the new dispensary, citing it as proof of the still budding yet thriving industry within the state. Some experts have even predicted the majority of dispensaries may soon spend some of their profits to remodel their existing business infrastructure or simply build new dispensaries to meet the demand of the growing industry.

Overall, the growth of the marijuana industry has proven to be incredibly economically viable. The Harvest of Scottsdale will end up costing roughly $1 million, and that money is going directly to contractors, city permits, and other legal fees associated with the business. Had the marijuana industry not reached partial mainstream status through medical cannabis laws, that money would have gone to an illegal drug dealer working from an alley or the back of a car.

New polls show that at least half of all Arizona residents believe marijuana should be made recreationally legal. Cannabis business owners are taking advantage of the changing tide in order to help the growing industry flourish even further.

Medical cannabis was approved for Arizona in 2010, and nearly 100,000 patients have participated in the system since its inception. More patients are expected to join the movement as the efficacy of cannabis is further explored.

Investors in the industry have started scrambling to lock down suitable sites for new dispensaries, and the competition for the limited permits has created a deeply entrenched system with multiple players trying to enter the promising field.

Should Proposition 205 pass, adults 21 years and older would be able to purchase marijuana for recreational use. If the measure passes, dispensaries with existing medical marijuana permits will be given priority when applying for recreational sell licenses.

While Proposition 205 is a promising start, it is somewhat controversial because it limits who can sell recreational marijuana to a sort of monopoly. Residents of the state are wary over the possibility of creating a monopoly in a system that should see a true free market expansion like in Colorado and Washington.

Most major polls for the state of Arizona show that about 50 percent of the state is in favor of full recreational legalization, while another 40 percent are opposed and 10 percent remain undecided. While every poll must be taken with a grain of salt, this is still quite promising.

The Harvest of Scottsdale was scheduled to open during the weekend of September 23rd, and they held an open house on September 25th for any interested member of the public. Three years ago, the company opened their first dispensary in Tempe. With the election only weeks away at this point, there is strong promise that Proposition 205 will pass.