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How Long Does Weed Stay In Your System

How Long Does Weed Stay In Your System

Inhalation Use Urine Detection Possibility
1 Use 5-8 Days
2-4 Uses/wk 11-18 Days
2-4 Uses/month 23-35 Days
5-6 Uses/wk 33-48 Days
Daily use 49-63 Days

When it comes to how long weed stays in the system, at least from the point of being detected, there are a bunch of factors that come into play. The two biggest things are going to be how much weed a given person has been smoking, as well as how much fat they have on their body. When marijuana is smoked, THC is stored in the fat cells in the body.

This means that the more fat a person has on their body when they smoke, the more THC is going to be stored up, leading to an overall longer period of time that THC will be detectable in the body.

If you are a person that hardly smokes, or has been smoking for a period of less than a week, you can generally expect to be free of THC in several weeks. However, there are plenty of people who can smoke weed for a few days and test negative through a urine or a blood test, even a few days later.

There is a genetic component that comes into play as well, so it is fairly hard to determine exactly how long it is going to take to rid a persons body of THC. A couple things can be done if a person wants to get THC out of their bodies as soon as possible. Drinking a lot of water and exercising to the point of sweating are proven ways to remove THC from the body quicker, but again, it is pretty hard to tell how long the THC is actually going to be detectable.

How Long Does THC from Weed Stay In Your Blood?

  • THC in urine
  • THC in saliva
  • THC in hair
  • THC in blood

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Another thing to consider is how much water a person has drank prior to a test. THC may be detectable in a persons urine, but if they have enough water in their system, their urine may be diluted to a point that the THC will no longer be detectable. However, if you are dealing with a blood test, there is a very good chance that the THC will still come up as being present. The best chance to pass a urine test is by drinking as much water as possible, exercising the days leading up to the test and hopefully being as lean as possible.


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